Translation, copywriting and editing

Paula Trucks-Pape translates texts from German to English, her native language.

Other services include copywriting and editing.

With a wide-ranging professional background that includes positions in banking, education, technical communication and communications management, Paula is familiar with a broad range of texts, styles and requirements.

Confidentiality is assured. Let’s get started today!


  • Translation from German into English (US/UK)
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Document design
  • Project and document management
  • Information development for technical documentation and marketing communications (corporate identity, print materials, Internet presence)

Subject areas:

Science/engineering/technology: scientific publishing, the metal industry, manufacturing technology, mechanical engineering, materials, surface improvement, surface treatment, tooling technology, operating instructions, technical drawings and plans, parts lists, quality management materials, catalogues, newsletters, company brochures and flyers, advertising materials, Web site content, press releases, technical articles, contracts, patents, annual reports, correspondence, software for business administration, analysis and graphic representation software, control interfaces, telecommunications equipment, electronics, automotive, aerospace and energy technology, processes and procedures, assembly instructions, tunnel construction, coupling technology, other industrial technology including printing, paper manufacture, construction, sanitary facilities and products, logistics and transportation, production plans, service reports, parts lists, newsletters, articles for technical and trade publications

Business related texts: marketing/PR/corporate communications, general terms of business, ordering information and conditions, data privacy and protection statements and agreements, workflow descriptions, surveys, marketing texts, quality management materials, catalogues, newsletters, company brochures and flyers, advertising materials, Web site content, press releases, corporate identity guidelines, trade show materials

Education and training: information and course descriptions, training seminars, teaching plans and processes

Journalistic prose: organic agriculture, personal wellness, travel

Academic prose: scientific and technical articles, doctoral theses, marine biology, environmental issues, endangered species, sociology


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